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How to Submit Your Article

Before submitting, please take a moment to check out the different sections of our website, read a few articles to get a feel for the types of articles we publish.  Please follow the guidelines for submissions as detailed below.

Article submissions for our "Your Voice" section must be original articles that are not copyrighted.  Written permission from the author is needed before IV can publish any copyrighted material or book excerpts. 

All submissions are considered donations and therefore no compensation will be rendered.  Authors will be acknowledged with a brief bio in a byline and a link to a personal website if available.

Send your submission to Editor in Chief: Suzanne@innervoicemag.com. Please double check that grammar and spelling are correct throughout your article.  Articles with errors will not be considered.  Articles may be edited for length.  Include a brief bio statement about yourself, 40 words or less.

We accept submissions for the following sections of our website:

~ YOUR VOICE: Articles in this section offer a broad range of faith-based content. Articles can be inspirational stories, devotional thoughts and spiritual encouragement. Submissions should be under 800 words.

~ PASTOR'S VOICE: Submissions are authored by pastors and can include sermon content written in article format. Submissions should be under 1000 words

~ OUTREACH: Content for this section is designed to celebrate an extraordinary ministry or exceptional person who demonstrates Christian values, ethics, and vision.  Submissions should be under 600 words.

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