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Setting the Stage for the Gospel Message 

At the 12 & 7 Theatre Group, they understand how to fuse timeless Gospel messages with our current culture, creatively using art and media. InnerVoice Magazine had the privilege of being invited to watch the 12 & 7 Theater Group in action at the Sussex County Community College in Newton, NJ and another production at the Stonecrest Community Church in Warren, NJ., to have a front row look at what 12 & 7 was all about.

12 & 7 creatively uses the power of theater as a visual tool to connect the audience with sights and sounds that magnify the timeless message of the Gospel.  The production performs a series of theatrical vignettes, each bringing its own insight to God's love and character in a memorable way, many of the plays are written by founder and director, Michael Rhett.

Director, Michael RhettRhett uses his years of experience in theater and blends passion with his love and knowledge of gospel stories by presenting an innovative theatrical production. Rhett’s insight weaves traditional gospel stories in simple, but modern stage settings. The depth of story and emotion highlight Biblical truth and a few controversial clashes create drama that is designed to open a door to conversations that many Christians sometimes shy away from. Backed with a seasoned team of writers and actors, 12 & 7 Theater Group develops original works that strive to get inside the hearts and minds of the characters with a solid effort to better connect the audience to Biblical truth and the heart of God.

After watching the performance at Sussex County College, InnerVoice’s founder, John Lee said, “I was especially moved by the vignette ‘Jonah the Prophet, Jonah the Man.’ It’s an allegorical account of a day in the life of a modern day “Jonah”. Like Jonah from the Old Testament, a modern day corporate business man is hurled into many trials. He is isolated from family and friends then banished from God's sight because he disobeyed God. The audience’s attention is focused on Jonah and his struggle as the Biblical story was contrasted with the modern story. Like the original account of Jonah, it's a story of aligning a life with God’s will, restoration and healing.”

InnerVoice Editor, Suzanne Rahn, attended the Stonecrest performance  and said that she enjoyed the play titled 'The Same Coin' best of all.  Rahn said, "The material was very contemporary and the writers truly understood how a situation can seem completely different depending on what perspective you have. I would recommend this to Youth Groups as a way of spring-boarding into the topics of peer pressure, emotional secrets, hiding painful situations, reaching the lost and how to approach people who don’t know Christ."

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- Demonized Man
- Jonah the Prophet, Jonah the Man
- The Same Coin
- White Stones
- Beauty to Ashes, A Journey of Brokenness
- Those Who Knew Him

Over all, 12 & 7 does a good job at blending art and media with Biblical messages. The cast is friendly and director Michael Rhett is very accommodating. If you would like to book the 12 & 7 Theater group for your next youth conference or for a special event, please visit their webpage www.12and7.com

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